Businesses can waste hundred of hours in staffing costs every year on repetitive administrative, analytical and reporting processes that could easily be automated – while more successful competitors often streamline their way to productivity and profitability.


The Problem:

Repetitive administrative, data preparation, insight generation and reporting processes often consume an inordinate amount of time. These tasks typically involve locating, merging and formatting different types of data from varied sources. These data sources include Excel, cloud services, databases, local files, CRMs or ERP systems tied to accounting, sales, marketing, operations or project management.

The Cause:

This administrative overhead often occurs because existing software is inadequately tailored for specific needs that emerge across the business. Varying data formats may also be incompatible across software platforms. The unfortunate fact is that the perfect off-the-shelf desktop or online software that provides all the functionality you need does not exist and never will. This is due to the unique nature of any organizations needs. As a result companies are left with disconnected workflows and extra unwanted administrative processes which results in massive inefficiencies.

The Solution:

This is where Optimate can help to fix the problem; by understanding the most frustrating bottlenecks or gaps in your workflow and building work automation software where possible, to bridge these gaps, to help streamline, interconnect or automate the most frustrating tasks. Custom productivity software helps unburden your team so they can get back to working on higher value activities, while reducing errors and improving throughput – all without having to dramatically overhaul your existing processes or software infrastructure.